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The beauty of nature and my belief in the value it brings to humanity is the principle driving force of my photographic journey.  Seeing and feeling this beauty seeps into me, it inspires and motivates me.


A photo captures something that’s very special – the expression on a face, that mixture of light, colour, texture. The blend of all these elements will probably never occur in quite the same way again so I always feel privileged to witness these unique moments and capture them as images.  Monochrome is my preferred medium.  The first photo book I bought was Bill Brandt’s Shadow of Light.  I still look at it today and although my influences have broadened they remain in the black and white tradition and include Micheal Kenna, Minor White and Edward Weston to name a few

I'm based in West Yorkshire in the UK.  Contact me if you have any queries or want further information.  

I hope you like what you see.

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